Eagle's Nest Leadership Corporation

a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization

School of Financial Literacy

The School of Financial Literacy provides a learning curriculum that teaches each student how to change from a poverty mindset to one that builds resources for success. It is a robust, multi-faceted program that meets national Jump$tart Financial Literacy standards, Council for Economic Education economic standards, and Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards.  It is designed to give participants the tools and resources needed to obtain personal financial success after high school.  It has engaging student-centered activities, research projects, and discussion points focusing on lifelong learning in practical money skills.

One goal of the Eagle’s Nest is to help each student recognize and reach his/her academic, social, and creative potential, thereby opening a world of opportunity. We believe that true self-worth is developed and nurtured by hard work, measurable achievements, and hands-on learning experiences that challenge a student’s creativity and problem solving skills. We provide skills they can use in the real world.