Eagle's Nest Leadership Corporation

a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Employability Initiative

The Employability Initiative is similar to “boot camp training” for those striving to succeed in a career. Our program is designed to help each at-risk student between the ages of 18-29 get ahead in life instead of settling for the status quo or the just getting by mentality. It eliminates barriers and excuses, works through setbacks, and provides opportunities thereby giving hope and the necessary support.

Our students are taken through weeks of intense training before transitioning into employment with one of our partner organizations. The curriculum focuses on having the proper attitude on the job, being professional, respectful, and blossoming where one is planted. It teaches how to take charge of ones life; build upon resources; deal with change; build confidence; and essentially become better citizens overall. Each participant receives a stipend during the training period.

Teaching such core soft skills is not only beneficial to the recipient but also a benefit to the employer. Our program helps reduce recruitment costs and turnover expenses incurred by organizations who hire via other traditional methods. The Eagle’s Nest staff stays involved throughout the entire program and even after hiring to ensure the student adapts properly to the work environment and remains a valuable asset to their employer.