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School of Academic Distinction

Eagle’s Nest School of Academic Distinction is the region’s only African-centered academic school. Enrollment is limited. The school is open to students of all races and is nonsectarian.

There is a spirit of productivity, a sense of pride and self-esteem, that has to be awakened in every child. Every child has a motivational point and it is our responsibility to find that point and mold them into champions.

–   Bishop Dwane Brock, CEO Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corp.

Why Choose Eagle’s Nest

We offer exceptional teaching, transformational learning experiences and a commitment to the deep exploration of African-American heritage and culture come together at Eagle’s Nest to create a unique environment that places students on a trajectory of unprecedented success. Students are empowered critical thinkers, working together with parents, teachers, and mentors to understand and appreciate the past and present while making their own indelible mark on the future.