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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation


Bishop Dwane Brock is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation. He is the visionary of this new, invigorating program centered on youth and the community. Bishop Brock has over 36 years of community program and project implementation inside and outside the borders of the City of Erie. His accomplishments include but are not limited to multiple Mayor Proclamations, multiple Special Tributes from Council Chambers, County of Erie Citations, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representative Citations, Certificates of Merit from mayors, recognition from the Senate of Pennsylvania, and numerous community awards and accolades.


The senseless violence and chaos of our youth has not been eliminated by social programs over the past generations and it is not disappearing on its own. It is only expanding, and requires an immediate solution before our entire community is consumed. Our current generation of youth is widely suffering from what is being called an “acute frustration disorder”. Subsequently, this sociological diagnosis is validated by witnessing the apparent agitation because of their perception of a lack of hope catalyzed by a lack of opportunity. The Eagle’s Nest was created to provide hope and opportunity.


The Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation is a collaborative effort from a multitude of solutions. Our program instills hope for a future by providing a concrete plan for a pathway to a career (not a job), it stimulates the economy, it transforms the mind for life-readiness instead of the “just getting by” mentality, it improves education and financial literacy, and partners with major corporate institutions who are investing in the lives of our youth because of the reality of their potential and the potential of our programs.